We are committed to developing and strengthening both clergy and lay leaders. There are multiple venues for equipping and coaching lay leaders, such as the Vantage Point 3 leadership grant, ministry coaching through Women MinistriesAdvocacy for Victims of Abuse training, Church Vitality equipping processes like Veritas and Navigate, Church Planting leadership team training, Adventures in Leadership and Summer Ministry Team for young people, or workshops at events like Annual General Meeting or ALIVE

Vocational Ministry

We invest in our clergy's ongoing personal and professional growth from many angles, such as ministerial credentialing, care and support, leadership coaching, grants and courses like the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence program, or benefits and pension opportunities. 

Our vision is for a faithful community of vocational ministers who lead through living out

  • active inclusion of all persons called to serve God, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity;
  • a deep understanding of scripture, theology, discernment and Covenant identity;
  • a healthy self-awareness and personal care through Sabbath-based rhythms; and
  • a commitment to life-long learning and collegial accountability.

Through these commitments, Covenant pastors, missionaries, and chaplains continue their journeys to more fully embody the pastoral arts of preaching, teaching, leading, and caring well.

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Read more about how the ECC equips our pastors. 

Vantage Point 3 Leadership Grants

The ECCC offers its churches grants to offset the cost of engaging in the Vantage Point 3 leadership development process. Click here to learn more from the Vantage Point 3 website. If you would like more information about VP3 Leadership Grants please contact Pastor Evan Dewald: evandewald(at)gmail.com.

"As a pastor, I'm excited to be moving forward with the Vantage Point 3 approach to leadership development. I believe the reflective practices taught in VP3 are some of the most transformational disciplines for followers of Jesus. We are a drawn deeper into the big story of God when we spend the time to understand ourselves, to understand Jesus and to understand those around us. To me this it probably the greatest strength of Vantage Point – to reflect deeply and allow the community of faith to encourage and challenge you to keep going deeper." 

- Evan Dewald, Lake Ridge Community Church, Chestermere, AB