The Summer Ministry Team is made up of 4-5 young adults who travel around Canada serving at ECCC churches and camps throughout the summer. A training week in British Columbia starts the summer off and then the team travels to churches putting on a program while learning about the area and serving that church. The second half of the summer is made up of camp ministry in three camps in Canada. The team will do counselling and use their gifts to make it a great week at camp.

Here is what past team members had to say about their experience:

This summer was filled with opportunities to serve in a wide variety of ways that I really appreciated. It was great to see the different dynamics of the churches we visited and to connect with some wonderful people. I was so glad to be able to use my skills and talents in a very practical and relevant capacity. I feel really honoured to have been given this chance to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and encourage further discipleship in the lives of this upcoming generation.
— Dave Rae, 2010 Team Member
Thinking back on this past summer, it’s become clear to me that the Ministry Team is far more than just a summer job. From the towering mountains to the open prairies, God’s beautiful creation has acted as the backdrop for a myriad of opportunities to minister and to learn, growing together as a team. In spite of the the long travels and hard work, the summer acted as the perfect environment to step back and put life in perspective, and it’s been ever so rewarding in so many ways.
— Nathan Bertram, 2010 Team Member